Yay! film is done!

but of course, i’m not going to be able to upload this online until its gotten the full festival experience. i might be able to show it to recruiters under special request via limited youtube viewing.

we were asked not to include tail credits for industry day to help shorten the length of the screening and so i think a proper thanks would be in order here:

Sahlia Wong for composing a wonderful quirky soundtrack.
Sophia Fabiilli for providing the amazing voice for the character.
Tara Burke for providing the initial voice of the woman character.
Daphne Yue for voicing the bunnies.
Calvin “Hobbs” Chan, Tony Song, and Leisha Riddel for modeling some of the key props in the film.
Trevor Davis for mentoring and making an awesome particle fluid system.
Steven Barns for mentoring and offering his awesome animation advice.
Dei Gaztelumendi, Randolf Lizarda, Jason Walmsley, Lawrence Lam and Joel Beaudet for helping me out with CG stuff.
Mike Watters for sharing his awesome rigging knowledge.
and my parents who helped keep me in school!

whoever gets the chance to see my film, i hope you enjoy it 😀


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