Leica with Spud’s Voice

Alright, finally got around to cutting up the recording with Spud and chose the best recorded lines possible. at least i hope i chose correctly. Spud is an amazing voice actor and really brought some life to my film. now its just a matter of animating the character properly 🙂


2 thoughts on “Leica with Spud’s Voice

  1. Fraeya says:

    Hey Andrew,
    that sounds awesome with spud’s voice ! I was getting a bit of an echo though – it makes her voice sound umm…metallic ? I dunno. Have you shown the voice track to bruno ? He could probably equalize it really nicely.

  2. lol ya, i was really trying to figure out how to make her voice sound better. all i did was add this stock setting on soundbooth called “female 1”. lol 😀

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