More creepy 3d stuff!!

Woman: “Hello! and welcome to the uncanny valley!”

“As you can see, i am no longer growing bananas out of my head and my hair is designed much closer to the concept art!”

“My skin also has blood now! horray for life!”

“I’ve also gotten my massive man-hands chizzled down to accommodate a more delicate and sensitive woman.”

“apparently my eyes and teeth shine just a tad bit too much for the camera. i’ll get my artist to fix that right away!”

its 4am… and i have just figured out how to deal with the woman’s damn skirt! below is a very CRUDE animation test, but it gives you the idea of how im going to go about the whole skirt business. you see… i just have 2 wire deformers to control each side of the skirt where the legs should collide. this gives me animation freedom to tweak the skirt incase of tearing and all that ncloth nonsense!

i am tired… leave me alone now…

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