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Why aren’t my values directing your eye? This paintings a failure.



I just recently finished Mass Effect 3.. what a great game! I never really liked Liara but I slowly became fond of her. mainly because I really liked her bionic powers. And I’d equip her with this pistol that shoots bullets that stick onto enemies and explode. I accidentally chose her as the romantic partner for sheppard so I was pretty much stuck with her the whole game. I hated the decision and wish she would stop being so gushy around me.

spoilers from here on..

For some reason, I have had the worst luck keeping characters alive. I brought Liara along for the final mission and unfortunately she dies too! I felt kind of sad for her. she was in love with sheppard after all. but I didn’t start to get the feels until the ending cinematic where sheppard sacrifices himself to save organic life. People who he cared most about flashed before his eyes: the Admiral, Joker… then finally… a flash of Liara. she flutters her eye lashes and looks up at you. and I realize… holy crap…. sheppard is really going to miss this girl! It was such an amazing moment that really moved me.

I looked online for other people’s ending cinematics to see if different characters would show up in the flash backs – particularly the romantic character of choice. it turns out that liara shows up in the flash backs, fluttering her eye lashes the same way. So, I’m actually really glad I had sheppard choose Liara. If I hadn’t, the flashback wouldn’t have had that much weight.

If you guys haven’t played the game yet, go get it!


Baby Elephant

Practicing a bit of short hand.

Baby Elephant

Playing around with Brushes and Photoshop tricks inspired by Alexandre Diboine. I may have over done it though.